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Two Heads Better Than One: Are His and Hers Showers Worth It?

Are you tired of fighting over the shower head with your partner?

If so, you may be asking yourself, “Are his and hers shower heads worth it?”

Double shower heads offer a luxurious and practical solution for couples sharing a bathroom to comfortably shower together. However, before you make the investment, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of this type of shower system. 

From increased convenience to higher costs, there are several factors to consider before deciding if a his and hers shower is worth it for your bathroom.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of dual shower heads and key considerations such as cost, installation, and space requirements.

Considerations for Choosing a Double Shower Head System

When choosing a double shower head system, it’s important to consider a few factors before committing. The reality is that not every bathroom or situation allows for two shower heads showers. Take a look at the list below to understand if dual shower heads are right for you.

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If you’re considering a double shower system for your master bathroom, it’s important to think about the available space. While this type of shower head can offer increased convenience and luxury, it requires extra space compared to a traditional shower.

In a small bathroom, a double shower system may not be the best option as it could make the space feel cramped and crowded. However, if you have extra space available, a double shower system can be a great choice, especially if you and your partner share the bathroom.

One option to save space is to install the double shower heads on the same wall, which can help to maximize the available space. This can also create a more streamlined and modern look for your bathroom.

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On average, the plumbing costs of installing a double shower in the U.S. ranges from $890 to $5,000. However, this cost can vary depending on a few different factors. For example, the type of shower heads you choose, the materials used for the floors and walls, the type of glass, and the overall size of the shower can all impact the final cost.

If you’re replacing an old shower or tub with a new double shower, the cost may be higher for bathroom remodels due to additional labor and materials. On the other hand, converting an existing shower into a double shower may be less expensive.

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Temperature Control

When it comes to choosing a shower system, temperature control and safety are key considerations. A thermostatic shower system can help ensure you have better control over the water temperature and also provide added safety features.

A thermostatic system maintains a consistent water temperature, even if the pressure fluctuates.

Water Pressure

Choosing high pressure shower heads can help to increase the water flow and provide a more powerful shower experience.

High pressure shower heads work by forcing the water through smaller nozzles, which can help to increase the water pressure and create a more forceful stream. This can be particularly beneficial if you have low water pressure in your home or prefer a more powerful shower experience.

Choose double shower heads that have multiple spray settings for a spa-like experience.

Other Options

While dual shower heads systems can offer many benefits for couples sharing a bathroom, it’s important to research all of your options before making a decision.

For example, if space is a concern, one shower head with a larger enclosure may be a more practical choice over double showers. Alternatively, if you prefer a more spa-like experience, a hand held shower head or full-body spray jets may be more suitable.

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Advantages of Dual Shower Heads

Double shower heads can offer many benefits for couples sharing a bathroom. Here are some of the pros of this type of shower system:

Ultimate Convenience

With two shower heads, you and your partner can shower at the same time without having to fight over the water stream. This can save time and reduce stress in the morning rush.

Increased Home Value

Dual shower head systems can be seen as a luxury feature in a home, which can increase its value and appeal to potential buyers.

Customizable Experience

With two shower heads, you can customize your showering experience to your preferences. You can choose different spray patterns, water pressure, and even temperature for each shower head.

Enhanced Luxury at Home

A dual shower head system can provide a luxurious and spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Comfortable Seated Showering

Some dual shower head systems come with seating options, which can be particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or who prefer to shower while seated.

Drawbacks of Double Shower Heads

While a dual shower head system can offer many benefits for couples sharing a bathroom, there are also some cons to consider. Here are some of the drawbacks of this type of shower system:

Plumbing Costs

Installing a dual shower head system can be more complex and may require additional plumbing work, increasing the project’s cost.

Rental Restrictions

If you’re renting your home, you may be unable to install a dual shower head system without the landlord’s approval. This can limit your options if you’re not a homeowner.

Space Requirements

Dual shower head systems require more space than traditional shower systems. You may need more room to install this shower system if you have a smaller bathroom.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a dual shower head system can offer many benefits for couples sharing a bathroom, including ultimate convenience, increased home value, and a customizable showering experience. 

If you’re still weighing your options for a shower system, be sure to check out our articles on walk-in showers and steam showers. These articles can provide you with more information on other shower options and help you make an informed decision on the best shower system for your needs.

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