6 Best electric portable bidets

Reviewed: 6 Best Electric Portable Bidets For Travel

Do you miss the feeling of a clean bum when you’re traveling or out of the house? You love your bidet at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same level of hygiene when you’re out or on the road.

This is where battery-operated portable bidets come into the picture. Take that same cleanliness out with you by packing along a small, handheld bidet that can fit into a purse or backpack.

An electric portable bidet is ideal as they are economical, compact, and come in a lot of different versions. Which version is best for you? 

The best electric portable bidet is one that fits all of your criteria based on how you plan to use it. Each one has a specialty that will make it ideal for you. In this article, we review 9 different ones that serve specific functions so you can choose the best option that works for your needs.

Our Top Three

It’s waterproof and has a leak-free design. The rechargeable battery is long-lasting and is good for 100 cycles. Ergonomic and adjustable it is ideal in any setting.

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A great price for a great product without sacrificing quality. The nozzle swivels for a lot of flexibility plus it is compact and doesn’t leak. Very effective!

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This handheld bidet washlet can be used with its own reservoir or attached to a regular water bottle. 2 cleaning speeds and high pressure make this a can’t miss product.

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Blaux electric portable bidet

Dual Pressure Settings: Yes | Rechargeable Battery: Yes

High-pressure flow rateNonstandard charging cable
Dual pressure settingsSlightly heavy
Long-lasting battery
Replaceable nozzle

The primary reason that we give this travel bidet sprayer the best overall rating is that it has high pressure. Although no travel bidet can compare to an at-home bidet seat, this one has high enough pressure (410ml per minute!) for an on-the-go option that many don’t offer.

Some people may even feel the pressure is too high. Luckily there is a low-pressure option as well. 

The nozzle also sets the Blaux bidet apart from the competition. Rather than a concentrated jet of water, it is wider so it does a better job at cleaning the area thoroughly and quickly. Plus it can be replaced if it ever gets clogged or damaged. 

Rounding things out is the fact that the bidet is water-resistant so it can easily be washed under running water or even used while in the shower. Also, the rechargeable battery is good for 100 cycles of average use. How long each session is will determine how close you get to that number. With a reservoir of 170ml or just under 6 fluid ounces, it is usually enough for one cycle to get you thoroughly cleaned.

There are a couple of downsides, however. The biggest one being that the charging cable is magnetic and not standard. If you lose the cable or it gets damaged then there is no way to buy a replacement. 

Next, the weight and size are not ideal for those that don’t want to carry a big purse.

Verdict: Blaux is a very good bidet that performs well and is a great choice for use on the road or even at home.

Reviewed: 6 Best Electric Portable Bidets For Travel 7

Dual Pressure Settings: Yes | Rechargeable Battery: Yes

Can be used with a reservoir or water bottleNozzle tends to get blocked over time
Universal USB charging cableBottle adapter isn’t universal
Low noise 
Very compact size

When you’re out and about, versatility is key for an electric travel bidet. That’s why we chose the Hibbent Toilette for this category. Since it can be used with its own reservoir (165ml capacity) or with a regular water bottle, you have options. Using it with a water bottle is popular for two reasons: It takes up less space in a bag when you don’t attach the reservoir and you get more water per cycle with a water bottle. If you often find the amount of water in the reservoir insufficient then a water bottle is the best solution. (Be warned, however, that the adaptor will only attach to water bottles with narrow spouts.)

There are two pressure settings: high and low. The high setting is for rear wash and it says that it can clean at up to 3 meters or about 9 feet. This number doesn’t mean much and unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide the PSI that it works at. However, it is one of the highest pressure travel bidets on this list. 

The low pressure is for feminine wash and is much more gentle. It can also be used for cleaning the rear if you have sensitive skin but it takes up to 60 seconds for the cycle. 

Another nice feature is how quiet the operation is. People in a bathroom stall next to you may not hear much noise coming from the device so you can avoid an awkward moment. 

Verdict: This is a great runner-up for the best overall portable bidet. It is very versatile and lasts 100 cycles on a full charge like the Blaux.

Reviewed: 6 Best Electric Portable Bidets For Travel 8

Dual Pressure Settings: Yes | Rechargeable Battery: No (2 AAA)

Only 6.3 inches longSmall reservoir
Made of non toxic material
Rotating nozzle 
Easy to use

For much less than what you would pay for other battery-powered bidets, the Meidong is still very convenient. It does have dual pressure settings so it can be used both for rear cleaning and for a feminine wash. However, the jet is narrow so it doesn’t cover as much area as the Blaux. It will take slightly more maneuvering to use it as a rear cleaner. It does get bonus points for having a swivel nozzle so it can be positioned well.

The non-toxic silicone reservoir can hold up to 140 ml of water which is definitely enough for feminine washing but for rear cleaning it may need to be refilled. 

It isn’t a rechargeable model so it does require two AAA batteries which aren’t included. 

Verdict: Although there are better portable bidets available, this is a good cheap option. It is ergonomic, leakproof, and works like a charm.

Reviewed: 6 Best Electric Portable Bidets For Travel 9

Dual Pressure Settings: Yes | Rechargeable Battery: Yes

Includes handy shower attachmentIt’s quite loud
Excellent pressureHose tends to kink
Waterproof and leakproof 
Easy to recharge including with a car lighter
Can be used anywhere

Being at an off-grid campsite doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a dirty bum. With the MyPortaWash to go bidet, you can get as clean as if you were in your home bathroom. This is unlike the other travel bidets as it is exactly like the handheld bidet sprayers that attach to your toilet at home. (You can check out our picks for the best handheld bidet sprayers here!)

The way that it works is that you have a hose with one end attached to a marine-grade pump that sits in a reservoir with water. It can be a bucket, sink, or even a stream since it has a built-in sediment filter. The other end is a handheld sprayer that looks like a hose sprayer. The design gives you great pressure and total coverage for easy clean-up. 

At 2.5 liters per minute, there is no mess that is too difficult to clean up. 

What adds to the value of this camping bidet is the fact that it comes with a shower head so it can serve two purposes. For those concerned about bulk when packing, this bidet is only 1.37 pounds with everything included. It can easily be fit into a backpack and not weigh you down, even though the hose is 6 feet long.

Verdict: This is the ideal bidet for camping, hiking, or even on an RV or boat.

Reviewed: 6 Best Electric Portable Bidets For Travel 10

Dual Pressure Settings: Yes | Rechargeable Battery: Yes

Very compact bodyPressure is very low
Works with regular water bottles
Very wide nozzle sprayer 
Ergonomic design
Low noise level

If you’re looking for the best travel bidet for women and for postpartum cleaning, then Insolife is your best option. It is ideal for use as a feminine wash since it has a unique nozzle head with 14 holes rather than the others that have a more concentrated jet. This allows for gentle cleansing on the front or back. Ideal for use as a postpartum peri bottle but much better. 

The compact size is also very nice as it is really tiny when separated from the reservoir. It can fit into most handbags and then be attached to a water bottle. However, the reservoir is 200ml in capacity so if you have the space in your bag then this is more than enough for most clean-ups. 

The ergonomic design makes it a cinch to use and the 45° angle is ideal to get it to the right spot.

Be warned that the pressure is not very strong. It is not ideal for bum washing unless it is a very light movement. It’s helpful, but not the best when it comes to that. If you are looking to use it more for postpartum or just for a freshening feminine wash then it is the best one out there. 

Another thing to be aware of is that it has a ball valve to control the flow of water. This can make the flow uneven or even block it entirely. Luckily, it can be removed which is recommended.

Verdict: It has a lot of great benefits but the pressure is a downer.

Reviewed: 6 Best Electric Portable Bidets For Travel 11

Dual Pressure Settings: Yes | Rechargeable Battery: No (1 AAA)

Collapsable, space-saving designExpensive ($99.98)
Very quiet operationInstructions are in Japanese
High capacity reservoir 
Nicely diffused jet of water

Toto is one of the leaders in bidet sales all over the world. Their washlet is one of the best bidet seat attachments for the home. It is no wonder that their electric portable bidet would be rated very highly. It is well-designed and engineered and is the most compact one on the market.

The reservoir is a generous 180ml of capacity. The telescopic body collapses the reservoir when it is empty so it is half the size. This makes it extremely convenient for use on the go as it fits into small purses without issue.

The nicest part is the nozzle as it is very similar to one that you would find on a bidet seat attachment in a home bathroom. It offers nice coverage so you don’t need a lot of pressure to get clean. 

For some weird reason, the Toto travel washlet instructions are always in Japanese. If you do buy one and need them in English then you can download the PDF here

The downside of this washlet for many people will be the price. It is the most expensive of all the ones reviewed here in this article. However, Toto is a major brand in Japan and is one of the most trusted bidets there. Just about every home in Japan has a bidet or smart toilet and many are also using this very same travel version. 

Verdict: For convenience, durability, and performance, the Toto is a real lifesaver.

What to look for in an electric portable bidet


How you plan to carry your battery-powered bidet sprayer is going to determine the size you should look into. Usually, they are between 5 and 8 inches long. If you are carrying a purse, then it shouldn’t be much bigger than the palm of your hand. In this case, the Toto portable washlet is your best bet as it is only 6 inches long when retracted.

If the size of the Toto is too big for you then look for models like Hibbent that can attach to a water bottle so you can get away with even less space being taken up by the bidet. 

For those with a diaper bag, backpack, or any other large bag, the size won’t matter much. Though, the weight of it should be considered so you aren’t weighing yourself down.

Reservoir capacity

A typical travel bidet reservoir has a capacity of between 140ml and 200ml. How much you will need depends on how much cleaning you need to do. Generally, a high-pressure wash only requires about 30 seconds of spraying to get the job done. With most travel bidets, this is going to mean that you might have to refill the reservoir. 

For example, the Blaux model has a reservoir with a capacity of 165ml. The high pressure uses about 410 ml per minute so a 30-second wash will deplete the chamber and require a fill-up in some cases. 

If you find that 30 seconds isn’t enough or that you feel like you will need more water then your options are to go for a bidet that attaches to a water bottle. Or, bring a water bottle into the bathroom with you to add more water to the reservoir. 

Rechargeable vs standard batteries

One of the worst things that can happen when using an electric travel bidet is that it runs out of power while using it. A rechargeable bidet gets between 60 and 100 cycles between charges and generally a month without charging. This gives plenty of time to get it charged enough to not worry about it running out of power.

A battery-powered one will generally get fewer cycles but won’t run out of juice when it isn’t being used. If you only use a travel bidet a few times per month then it can last for months before you need a new battery. 

The benefit of a battery-operated one is that you can carry around a spare battery or two without taking up much space. If you run out while using it then it is easy enough to pop a new battery in and finish up. If a rechargeable runs out then you’re stuck with using toilet paper until you have the chance to plug it into a USB outlet like a laptop or outlet.

The unfortunate fact for both types is that none of the models we know of have a battery status light so you never have any idea of when it is about to run out. 

The nozzle

Many travel bidet models have a narrow nozzle sprayer that has a concentrated jet of water. Others have wider nozzles that cover more area. The wider nozzles are better as they clean faster and more thoroughly. If the model you are interested in has a narrow nozzle then look for ones that swivel so you can cover more area and clean more quickly. Quick cleaning is important so you have less need to refill the reservoir. 

The noise level

If you plan to use the bidet in a public restroom it may invite some strange assumptions from the others in the bathroom. The noise level should be as low as possible so it is less likely to be heard by others who might assume you are doing something in the stall besides cleaning your bum. 

Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t list the dB levels of the noise so make sure to read the reviews carefully while looking out for how loud it is. 

Bottom Line

An electric travel bidet is an absolute must if you have problems like hemorrhoids or would rather not use toilet paper for whatever reason. They are easier to use than a non electric and usually have better water pressure, too. Hopefully, this list has helped you make a decision about which one is best for you.

If you do have questions still, then drop a line in the comment box below and we will get right back to you to help!

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