Do’s & Don’ts: A Guide to Bidet Etiquette

Using a bidet is not a complicated thing. Yet, many people just learning about them often wonder what it is they are supposed to do with one. 

What can you do with a bidet? What are you not supposed to do?

For instance, did you know that you can use a bidet for an enema?

Yes, you can do that. What about the things you shouldn’t use it for though?

That’s what this article is about. This will help you understand the unwritten bidet rules so you don’t run afoul because of your confusion.

bathroom with bidet seat attachment

Can you pee in a bidet?

Yes, but also no. The answer is that it depends on the type of bidet that it is. If you are using an add on attachment like a Whisper bidet (Treat Yo’ Butt With A Whisper Bidet!) or another similar non electric bidet, or an electric bidet seat then the answer is, of course, you can as you are on your toilet. 

Now, if you have a stand alone ceramic bidet like those old school ones they use in Italy, then you theoretically could pee in that. However, that would be bad etiquette if you are at somebody’s house or in a hotel. 

The water is going to get dirty after you wash your butt in it, so I suppose the answer lies in how comfortable you are to do such a thing. I say that as a female of course as you will be sitting on it. And you don’t need to use any toilet paper since you are there and ready to clean up after without it. If you do use toilet paper, you can’t throw it in the bidet as it doesn’t flush. 

If you are a man and need to stand up to pee then this is definitely not advised. And sitting down to pee is not recommended on a stand alone bidet as it is not designed for that so you may end up peeing over the rim and making a mess.

holding nose

Can you poop in a bidet?

The short answer is that you can only poop in a toilet bidet combo or a toilet outfitted with a bidet seat attachment. Or, of course, when using a toilet with a handheld bidet sprayer. The common denominator is that you are not pooping in a bidet in any of those scenarios but in an actual toilet. It’s just a toilet that also has the function of a bidet so you can clean yourself easily and quickly. 

In this case of a stand alone bidet (Like this one with a vertical spray from Toto), it should be obvious that you shouldn’t poop in that. It has no bowl and will not be able to handle any solids in the drain. 

Would you poop in your sink? There’s your answer. 

To get a better idea of which type of bidet is best for you, check out the article on electric vs non electric bidets!

How not to use a bidet

Many tourists end up in Italy and are very confused about what to do with the odd bidet sitting next to the toilet in their hotel room or Airbnb.

If you are traveling or invited to somebody’s house with a stand alone bidet, here is a list of what to not do with one:

Wash your feet 

Coming back from the beach, your feet are surely sandy so what better way to clean them off than in the bidet. Well, no, that is not what it is for and you risk clogging the drain with any sand or dirt from your feet. Also, unless you’ve personally washed the bidet, how certain are you that it’s clean? 

Bathe a pet

It may look like the perfect size and height to double as a pet bathtub, but don’t attempt to clean your pet in one. An Airbnb host in Italy confided in me that he often has to clear out the drain of the bidet due to many tourists bathing their pet in the bidet. This is rude and inconsiderate of your host if you attempt this. 

Use it as a trash bin

Another complaint from this host is that he often finds the bidet full of used tissues and other trash after American and British tourists stay in his apartment. 

Never throw anything in the bidet. Use the trash bin in the bathroom or put a bag in there if one hasn’t been provided. 

Wondering how clean you get from a bidet? Are they even sanitary? Read this article to get all the details!

How to use a bidet when you’re a guest

If you are at somebody’s house or staying in a hotel or room with a bidet then you should know how to behave in a civilized way. Here are the ways to make sure you are not going to make a bad impression on your host:

Clean up

After using the bidet, make sure to rinse out the bowl and take a paper towel and wipe it down. Also, if any water splashed on the floor, make sure to wipe that up too. 

Use your own towel

Unless the towel next to the bidet was placed there specifically for your use, then don’t use it. Before you go to the bathroom, make sure to ask for a towel for yourself to use so you don’t soil somebody else’s.

Fill it up and then sit down

Filling up the bidet bowl if you are sitting on it risks it overflowing since you may not see how full it is. Make sure to fill the bowl and then sit down and clean up. This will prevent any mishaps.

Just don’t use it

If you are in any kind of doubt as to how to use the bidet, then just skip it rather than make a mess or cause any kind of trouble for your host.

If you are set up with a towel and soap and understand what you are getting into then go ahead and wash up in it. Otherwise, just let it go and give it a shot when you are more prepared and less freaked out by it. 

Know what you are getting by checking out the article on how to use every bidet type!

Bottom Line

The rules about bidet etiquette are really just about common courtesy and being considerate for others. Use your common sense and keep this guide in mind when you’re confronted with a stand alone bidet. If the bidet is attached to the toilet then just follow this guide for how to clean it if you need to take care of it. 

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  1. I see some articles about a bidet say it saves on using toilet paper however one must dry yourself somehow. So then I see one uses a towel or dry wash cloth. So one has a bowel movement once a day and urinates up to 6 times a day, that is at least 7 towels. That is a lot of laundry to do! So instead of using toilet paper one is using more laundry soap, water and electric to dry all those towels. I do not understand the savings.

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