Here Are The Bidet Benefits For Men And Women

bidet for man or womenIs a bidet for a man or a woman?


Confused? The answer is both!

Let me ask you this:

Do you have a bum? Do you poop?

Then it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old. Everybody who poops can use a bidet. 

And any type of genital can also use the benefits of a bidet. There are so many benefits to using a bidet and that transcends gender and age.

You can find a bidet that fits any budget from the height of luxury to the basic. There are electric and even nonelectric that are easy to install and a lower price, like the awesome Whisper Bidet. No matter what you need you will find the one that best fits your butt’s needs.

In this article, I will go over several of the benefits to using a bidet if you are a man or a woman.

What is a bidet toilet and how does it work?

electric bidet seat attachmentIf you have ever traveled to Italy then surely you encountered that funny little toilet in the bathroom.

For decades it has been the preferred way for them to keep their bums clean and also their genitals.

There are different types of bidets from a classic stand alone version that sits next to the toilet to a spray gun affectionately referred to as a bum gun by some. The most popular ones for Americans are the electric toilet seat attachments  electric toilet seat attachments  as they are easy to use and don’t require a major installation.

How to use a bidet depends on the type, but the general idea is that a spray of water cleans off your bum or your genitals much better than wiping with toilet paper.

Women also love to use a bidet to keep their genitals fresh and men can use one for the same reason.

Do you use a bidet after peeing?

Most of the time you don’t need to use a bidet after you’ve peed. Usually, you use it to clean your bum instead of wiping, or in addition to wiping depending on your preference.

Basically, using a bidet after you pee is a bit of an overkill. It is unnecessary and would take too much time out of your day.

If you feel like you are not very fresh down there, then you can go ahead and use one, but otherwise, there is no need.

To learn more about the proper way to use a bidet click this link to see the detailed article!

Can a man use a bidet?

There is no reason why a man shouldn’t use a bidet. After all, they are primarily for washing your bum. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that the only use of a bidet is to replace wiping with toilet paper.

You can also use it to wash your genitals. This is especially helpful after intercourse.

If you would rather not take a shower, then you can use your bidet to wash your bits after you’ve had sex. 

This can prevent yeast infections or UTI, so it is a good idea to do this no matter what anyway when you are sexually active.

If you have a classic bidet, then you just fill the bowl and sit whichever way you like, or you can face the faucet so you can use the water flow to rinse off.

If you are looking into buying a bidet toilet seat, make sure you get the kind that can spray in the back and the front so you can use it to wash your genitals easily. 

This one from Amazon  is ideal as it has front and back spray and also a warm air dryer to easily dry yourself instead of using a towel or more toilet paper.

Is a bidet sanitary? Click here to read the full article about how hygienic a bidet really is!

How does a woman use a bidet?

When it comes to using it for a squeaky clean bum, you would use it just like anybody else. And that all depends on what type of bidet you have.

As far as cleaning your genitals, you should be using your bidet to do this when you don’t have time to take a shower.

It is a good idea to use a bidet after you’ve had sex to avoid a yeast infection or UTI. 

Also, during your period, it is really an easy way to keep cleaning while menstruating.

Classic porcelain bidet

Fill the bidet bowl with warm water and just a little bit of soap. Make sure to use unscented soap and avoid harsh chemicals. A vaginal cleansing bar is probably your best bet.

Then gently wash the vulva and try to avoid the soapy water from entering your vagina. Rinse the soapy water off with the faucet or jet depending on the type and dry off with a towel.

Electric bidet seat

This is going to be much easier to use for cleaning your vagina as you don’t have to really do anything. Use the posterior function and it will rinse your genitals with warm water. In many cases this is enough to get clean so you don’t need to use any soap. Then use the dryer function to dry off without needing any toilet paper.

Bidet sprayer

Simply use the nozzle pointed downward towards your vagina and rinse. It is as simple as that. You don’t need to use any soap, just the water should be enough to get fresh again.

Why do people use bidets?

Everybody has their own reason, but the idea is that it is a great way to get clean and stay clean which is more comfortable. Whether you use it for your genitals or to replace TP, then you’re using it right.

Here are some of the benefits to using a bidet:

Better personal hygiene and cleaning

Wiping with toilet paper is not very hygienic as you are simply wiping germs around. When you use a bidet, you are able to get much cleaner and have less germs. 

You also don’t have to wait to take a shower to clean your butt or your genitals. After you’ve gone to the bathroom, you are able to get clean right away.

Your underwear won’t be stained or carry germs around all day which can lead to infections.

Instead, your bum and genitals are always clean and fresh.

What kind of bidet is best?

If you aren't sure what type of bidet you need, then check out the detailed article about the differences between electric and non electric bidets!

Greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment

Americans use far too much toilet paper. On average, a typical American will use 50 pounds of toilet paper per year. That is 50% more than a typical European or resident of Japan.

Not only does that produce a lot of waste and leads to many clogged pipes, but it also is wasteful to produce toilet paper. Even the recycled variety.

There is even a trend these days to use flushable wipes since toilet paper doesn’t do a good job of cleaning you. The ironic thing is that these flushable wipes are clogging sewers and polluting the environment.

Countries where bidet use is high do not have these problems. Americans should follow their lead and use a bidet instead of wasting more toilet paper.

Save money

Toilet paper doesn’t seem that expensive when you buy it, but if you were to add it up, then you’d likely be shocked by how much you spend on toilet paper per year.

Most Americans spend over $122 per year

If you buy a bidet, it will pay for itself in two years or even less depending on how big your family is. 

Better skin care and more comfortable to use

Using toilet paper can be quite uncomfortable for some people. It can lead to sensitivity on your anus if you poop frequently. And if you have diarrhea, it can end up rubbing your anus raw.

When you use a bidet, it is far more gentle on your skin and will keep you from feeling sensitive.

Also, after using a bidet, you are less likely to end up with pruritus anusitis aka itchy anus. This is when your butt feels itchy and uncomfortable all day and is mainly because your bum was not wiped well. If you have residue on your butt after wiping then this will lead to an itchy butt.

Have arthritis or mobility issues

Senior citizens can benefit from a bidet, especially those with mobility issues or have trouble gripping because of arthritis. 

Seniors are less likely to shower or bathe because it is difficult to do so which causes them to have hygiene issues. 

Bidets make it easy to keep themselves clean without needing to go through the process of showering. They are able to keep infections at bay and also feel better about themselves as they are able to stay clean and fresh. 

When they have trouble wiping because of arthritis or mobility issues then they can really benefit from a bidet. 

FAQ About Bidets

Most frequent questions and answers

There certainly are people who enjoy using a bidet for this reason. Just be careful to not use too high a pressure to avoid any discomfort.

Using a bidet feels good on both your butt and genitals as the warm water, or cool if you want it to refresh you, feels like you are getting nice and clean.

After using it, you feel much cleaner and very fresh.

This really depends on which type of bidet you are using.  If you are using a stand alone bidet next to your toilet, then you should probably do a quick wipe with a couple of squares of TP. If you have a bidet attachment on your toilet seat, then you can go without the toilet paper. I wouldn’t try to dry your bum with tp either as it can get stuck. Best to dry with the warm air dryer function if your bidet has it, or use a towel.

Bidets are a very healthy and hygienic way to keep your bum and genitals clean and avoid spreading germs.

Bottom Line

Bidets are great for either gender and will keep both men and females fresh and clean throughout the day. And an added bonus is that they are great for people with arthritis that have trouble wiping or keeping clean.

If you are wondering if you should get a bidet, then I hope this article has helped you decide that you should, indeed!

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