Know The Bidets That Use Warm Water To Avoid A Cold Butt

Thinking of getting a bidet for the environmental benefits and to stop using toilet paper? Is the only thing holding you back that you don’t like the idea of a cold stream of water up your bum?

Well, let me tell you that you do have options. You don’t have to tolerate cold water if you get a bidet with a warmer function. 

In fact, there are versions of bidets with warm water and dryer functions so you can be comfortable for the entire process from start to finish.

So, yes, bidets do use warm water, but you have to look for the right kind as not all do. 

In this article, I will go over the bidets with a warm water sprayer so you can enjoy your bidet to the fullest.

How does a bidet get warm water?

There are two kinds of warm water bidets. Those that have a reservoir tank filled with hot water and others that are tankless with on demand heating.

The tank version can hold a couple of liters of warm water and then heat incoming water through a heat exchange so you never have to tolerate a cold water shock while you wait a few seconds for the warm water to arrive.

A tankless heats the water as it comes into the bidet seat so it takes a couple of seconds before the water is warm. This gives you a burst of cold water for a second or two while it heats up. It works almost exactly like an electric tankless water heater for your domestic hot water.

Though it might seem like the reservoir tank style bidet is the best bet for those that want to avoid a cold water jet, that may not be the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Reservoir tank bidet pros and cons


  • Water comes out hot right away – No cold water splash
  • They are usually less expensive than self heating bidets
  • They draw less amps and watts than on demand warm water bidets


  • The tank takes up space and makes it bulky on your toilet
  • The tank doesn’t hold much water so it gets cool quickly

As you can see there are a couple of negative aspects, or at least potentially. There isn’t much water capacity in the tank so it gets cool quickly but that generally isn’t an issue as you really only need a few seconds to wash up. Usually less than 20 seconds is enough.

However, the bulkiness is an issue for some people especially if you have a round toilet seat.

In my opinion, the best option for a warm water bidet is the hybrid type that incorporates a smaller reservoir, but has a heat exchanger that continually heats the water as the tank empties. This means no cold water shock and at the same time doesn’t take up any extra space. It only needs enough water storage for the first couple of seconds to avoid the cold water like the one you can see below. 

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On demand self heating bidet pros and cons


  • Never runs out of warm water
  • No bulky tank to get in the way


  • Cold water splash the first few seconds
  • Uses more electricity than tank style
  • Can cost more than the tank style

I would say that an on demand bidet is better than a tank, but a hybrid is better than both. Though the hybrids are more expensive than even the on demand style. Take a look below at the Brondell Swash and click the button to read more for the most popular self heating bidet on Amazon.

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To get a better idea of which type of bidet is best for you, check out the article on electric vs non electric bidets!

Cold water vs warm water bidet

There’s no way to really compare these two bidet styles as they are really night and day. For starters, a warm water bidet is usually electric, unless you are looking at a non electric one that connects to your sink incoming hot water. The Brondell Swash EcoSeat is one of those and has some other nice features as well.

It also provides endless hot water theoretically and no cold water splash. 

Now, most non electric bidets are not hooked up to the incoming hot water and that Brondell may still be out of reach pricewise for some people. In which case you’d have to tolerate cold water. Which, in reality, is not that bad. There is even a handheld bidet sprayer that attaches to the warm water line and can give you a warm water spray. 

Does cold water bidet clean properly?

Cold water cleans just as effectively as warm water. Warm water is more comfortable but does not have any cleaning advantage over cold water.

So, if you think that you’ll have a cleaner bum by using warm water, rest assured, it will be just as clean. And in the same amount of time.

Wondering how clean you get from a bidet? Are they even sanitary? Read this article to get all the details!

Is a cold water bidet uncomfortable?

What’s uncomfortable depends on the individual. Some people actually prefer the cold water as it is invigorating and a good way to wake up in the morning. 

Don’t forget that the water that comes out of the bidet hose has been sitting at room temperature for a while. the water isn’t coming in from outside so it is not really that cold anyway. A Whisper Bidet is a great option for those that are looking for a low cost way to comfortably wash their rear end.

Now, if you are hoping to use a bidet as an enema, then this is a case in which you really want to use a warm water bidet. Warm water will relax the muscles around the sphincter and allow you to properly get water inside to do a thorough cleaning.

Also, if you have hemorrhoids then warm water is essential. Warm water will be very soothing if your bum has hemorrhoids or a rash or any other discomfort. If you have been using toilet paper and have discomfort from it, then switching to a warm water bidet is a good idea.

Bottom line

If you are looking into a new bidet then your best bet is to go for one with all of the bells and whistles as then you aren’t sacrificing anything. Of course, these come at a price so it does completely depend on your budget. 

If you have any questions about warm water bidets then drop a line in the box below and I will get back to you ASAP. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Check out our Privacy Policy for more info.

2 thoughts on “Know The Bidets That Use Warm Water To Avoid A Cold Butt

  1. One question I never see answer for the on-demand warm water bidet toilet seats is how cold can the water be for the input? Up here in Canada we have some places where the water can be way too cold to wash your hands with, even in the middle of a 35C summer. I’m talking nearly as cold as if it was kept in the fridge. Basically nobody would want that on their behind.

    1. Yeah you definitely need to have a bidet with a warmer so that doesn’t happen. You can either get an electric bidet which allows you to control the temperature, or make sure that your non electric is able to hook up to the warm water under your sink so you can have a pleasant cleaning experience.

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