How To Clean Your Bidet And What You Need To Avoid

Ok, I get it. 

Cleaning the bathroom is already a chore and when you think about getting a bidet it makes you dread having one more thing to clean.

Well, let me go through what cleaning a bidet seat attachment is really like and you will understand that it is no trouble at all. You just need to know a few things ahead of time.

If you are looking to buy a bidet seat attachment, whether it’s electric or non electric, then read on for how to clean and care for them and you’ll make the right call. A bidet should be in every bathroom and this article will ease your mind about the upkeep.

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Does a self cleaning bidet need to be washed?

The short answer is, yes, self cleaning bidets do need to be washed. But, since they clean themselves you only need to do a few routine clean ups once in a while. What it means is that you don’t have to wipe it down or wash it after each use. The bidet itself takes care of that.

A self rinsing nozzle will wash away any residue that may have gotten on it and some will even disinfect the wand after, as well. And many have a wand that is retractable so it stays clean while you are doing your business and only comes out to wash you up. So, the nozzle stays pretty clean as it is.

If you do feel the need to clean the nozzle, then make sure the cleanser you are using is mild. A harsh one will end up damaging it and can affect how it sprays. In fact, you should avoid bleach or any other chlorine based cleaner completely.

The chlorine will end up weakening any rubber gaskets or O rings and will eventually cause the nozzle to leak and lose its jet strength.

Also, never remove the bidet seat and try to soak it as you will ruin the electronics in it. If it is a non electric version, you still risk ruining the control panel.

All you have to do to clean the nozzle is to spray a cloth enough to make it damp and then wipe the nozzle down. A few drops of alcohol based cleaner is enough to disinfect it. If you have anything caked on then use a washcloth with warm soapy water and wipe it down with that. 

As far as the seat, treat it as you would your ordinary toilet seat with whatever method and cleaner you prefer. 

One thing to note is that if you have very high levels of chlorine in your water that you should have a bidet filter to remove the chlorine so it doesn’t ruin your nozzle over time. 

The one below from Amazon is a good choice and inexpensive. 

WG Tech ION Filter KBF-100 Bidet Water Filter Set of 2
  • Extends life of bidet seats
  • Fits all 1/2" standard connection
  • Effective up-to 6 months
  • Compatible models: NOVITA, Daelim, NCM Blooming, SAMSUNG Digital Bidet,...
  • Made in Korea

Is the water for your bidet clean? Here’s an article that explains all the details. 

How often should a bidet be cleaned

There is some routine maintenance and cleaning that you should do on occasion to make sure that you get the most out of your bidet. In this section we will go over the cleaning schedule so you know when to do what.

On a daily basis

If you have a self cleaning bidet seat that doesn’t automatically wash and sanitize the wand, then make sure you activate it at the end of each day. You can do it after each use if you feel better about it but at least once a day it should be done. 

For those that don’t have an automatic self cleaner, then you should use a washcloth to wipe it down at the end of the day. Once again, do not use bleach or anything harsh like ammonia on your nozzle. Something mild like warm soapy water is good.

On a monthly basis

Around once per month you should do a deeper clean. If your bidet has a deodorizer feature, then you should remove it and lightly scrub it with a toothbrush.

If your bidet has the option to remove the nozzle then take it off gently and using a toothbrush, gently scrub inside the nozzle in case there is any sediment or other build up inside that could affect the spray.

On a semi annual basis

Once in a while and without any set schedule you should check the filter where the incoming water goes through and into the bidet. Where this is depends on the type so check your manual.

If you have hard water, then the filter is no doubt starting to get clogged so it’s important to do this. If you have normal water, then you still might have some debris coming in or even some grime building up.

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hard water build up

Bidet vs hard water

If you have hard water then your bidet will eventually see the effects of it. The spray nozzle will get weaker and may stop working altogether.

There are bidet filters (like this one from Amazon) that can help if you have well water for instance, but they don’t really do much to descale your water. There will be a slight reduction in calcium, though, so if your water is not that hard it is probably good enough. They’re great if you have sediment or chlorine in your water, however. 

If you do have very hard water then you should look into a water softener or even a salt free water softener alternative to keep all over your appliances working at their best. 

Bidet has low water pressure

If you have low water pressure on your bidet seat attachment but nowhere else in the home then it isn’t an incoming water problem. If your hard water were affecting it then it likely would also be affecting other fixtures as well. 

Now, if you do have other fixtures that have low water pressure then it is a good bet that you have very hard water that is clogging the aerators and this is also blocking the nozzle. In this case you really do need a whole house filter to get rid of the scale problem.

When you don’t have any other issues, then the problem lies in the bidet itself. You probably have a rubber O ring somewhere that is leaking, or, it could be some sediment or other debris has entered the nozzle.

First check the nozzle to see if the strainer is clogged on the inside where the water enters. If that is all clear, then look further to see the condition of the rubber gaskets. If they look dry or warped then this is your issue right there. 

Bottom Line

Keeping a bidet clean is not at all time consuming and is as easy as cleaning a toilet. You aren’t adding any extra work to your cleaning routine by installing a bidet. 

Get yourself a bidet toilet seat and you will wonder how you lived without one for so long. You won’t ever regret the extra cleaning you do for it. 

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