The Great Debate: Dual Shower Heads vs Single  1

The Great Debate: Dual Shower Heads vs Single 

There are plenty of bathrooms with his and hers vanities. Why are there not more dual shower heads as well?

After all, two shower heads offer lots of customization so you can shower your way while your other half does theirs. Showering together with individual shower heads is a much more enjoyable experience when you don’t have to share a single shower head.

The difference between dual shower heads and one shower head doesn’t stop there. 

If you’re wondering if you should swap out your one shower head for a dual shower head system, then you need to know what you’re getting into. 

This article will cover several considerations to consider if you want a his and hers double shower head

How Do Dual Shower Heads Work?

If you’re curious about how dual shower heads work, it’s all in the valve system. Specifically, a dual shower head system has a two-way diverter valve that lets you easily control the flow between the two separate shower heads. 

With the ability to easily switch between individual shower heads and spray patterns, you can create a personalised shower experience that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Diverter Valve

The diverter valve is a crucial component in a dual shower head system, responsible for controlling the flow and enabling you to switch between the separate shower heads. It’s typically operated manually with a lever or knob, allowing you to adjust the water to your desired setting easily.

The diverter valve is usually located on the wall or within the dual shower heads assembly. With a simple switch, you can alternate between the two shower heads, directing water to multiple areas of your body at once or using one head for a fixed position while the other can be handheld. This versatility is a major advantage of a dual shower head system, as it allows you to customise your shower experience to your liking.

When two shower heads are used simultaneously, the diverter valve can increase water pressure, resulting in a more invigorating and spa-like experience. It’s all thanks to the unique design of the diverter valve, which allows for optimal flow and pressure control.

The Great Debate: Dual Shower Heads vs Single  10

Thermostatic and Pressure-Balancing Valves

Some double shower heads systems may include additional components like thermostatic and pressure-balancing valves. These specialised valves regulate water temperature and pressure to ensure a comfortable and safe shower experience.

Thermostatic valves are designed to maintain a constant water temperature, even if there are fluctuations in the hot or cold water supply. This means you can enjoy a consistent and comfortable shower with a dual shower head without worrying about sudden changes in water temperature.

On the other hand, pressure-balancing valves help maintain consistent water pressure. This is particularly important in households where multiple people may use the water supply simultaneously, as it ensures that each person has adequate water pressure for their shower.

These specialised valves regulate the water’s temperature and pressure, providing a safe and comfortable shower experience. Ensuring that the water is always at the right temperature and pressure, these valves help to prevent scalding, injuries, and other hazards associated with inconsistent water flow.

double shower heads with shower niche

How to Switch Between Dual Shower Heads

When it comes to dual shower head systems, a diverter valve is an essential component that controls water. There are two main types of diverter valves for dual shower head systems:

  • Two-way diverter valves switch between the double shower heads, allowing you to use one at a time.
  • Three-way diverter valves give you more control, letting you choose between using each shower head separately or both double shower heads simultaneously.

In addition to controlling water flow, the diverter valve usually includes a bracket to hold the handheld shower head. This makes it easy to switch between the two shower heads depending on your needs.

If you choose to go without a diverter and run double shower heads on the same line, you can opt for a dual shower head that can be shut off when not in use. However, keep in mind that this means the shower head will still drip when it’s turned off, as US regulations require this. To avoid this, it’s recommended to use a diverter valve that allows you to shut off one shower head at a time.

Important Features of Dual Showers

Consider Your Budget

When budgeting for double shower heads, remember that the cost can vary greatly depending on your desired features. The cost of shower heads alone can range from $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on the brand and model. If you want customised control over each shower head so they can work independently, you’ll need to install two diverter valves. The cost for these valves can range from $225 to $525. Additionally, if you want a thermostatic valve to control the temperature, this can cost up to $200. Consider all these costs when budgeting for your dual shower system.

Item Cost Range
Shower Heads $100 – $1,000
Diverter Valves $225 – $525
Thermostatic Valve Up to $200

Bathroom size and layout

Another important factor to consider when choosing double shower heads is the size and layout of your bathroom. If you have a small shower space, choose a more compact dual shower head system. A larger shower space may allow for larger shower heads or a more elaborate system. It’s also important to consider the placement of the double shower heads and make sure they can be adjusted to hit the areas of your body that need it the most.

Some people prefer to have the two shower heads on opposite walls, whereas those with enough space prefer them side by side. Where the dual shower head is placed will also affect the installation price since being on different walls will require more plumbing work. 

Personal preferences

When selecting double shower heads, think about your personal preferences. Do you want a rain shower head, a handheld option, or a combination of both? Do you want adjustable spray patterns such as a rain shower head? Do you prefer a system with LED lights or a high pressure shower head? Determine the most important features and select two shower heads that meet your needs.

Water pressure and usage

It’s essential to consider your home’s water pressure and usage when selecting a dual shower head system. Some double shower heads require higher water pressure to function effectively, so make sure your home’s plumbing can support the power spray you’re considering. It’s also important to be mindful of your water usage, particularly if you live in an area with water conservation regulations. Look for two shower heads with water-saving features or low flow rates to help reduce your water usage.

Types of Dual Shower Head Systems

Fixed and Hand Held Shower Head Combo

One of the most popular dual shower heads systems types is the hand held shower head and fixed head combo. This system features a fixed shower head attached to the wall and a handheld shower head attached to a flexible hose. The fixed head provides a consistent power spray while the handheld option allows for greater flexibility in directing the spray settings.

dual fixed shower heads

Dual Fixed Shower Heads

Another option for a dual shower head system is two fixed shower heads. This dual shower head system is ideal for couples who want to shower together or for those who want a more immersive shower experience. The two shower heads can be positioned at different angles to provide maximum coverage and different spray settings.

Slide Bar Shower Head Combo

A slide bar double shower head combo features a fixed head mounted on a slide bar, which can be adjusted up or down to the desired height. A hand held shower head is also included, making it easy to switch between the two spray settings.

Rainfall and Handheld Shower Head Combo

For a luxurious shower experience, consider a rainfall and hand held shower head combo. The rainfall shower head spray settings provide a wide, gentle stream of water, while the handheld option allows for more targeted water flow. This system is perfect for those who want to create a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom.

Dual Handheld Shower Heads

If you’re looking for maximum flexibility, a dual hand held shower head system may be the way to go. This system features two handheld shower heads, each with its own hose, allowing for multiple people to shower at the same time or for one person to direct full body spray where it’s needed most.

modern shower column

Shower Columns

Shower columns are another option for those looking for a dual shower head system. These systems feature a long, vertical column that is mounted to the wall and includes multiple shower heads for a full body spray and spa like experience.

Shower columns can offer a variety of whole body shower experiences, including rain shower heads, hand held shower heads, and full body spray, all in one system. They are typically more expensive than other types of dual shower heads, but they offer the ultimate in spray settings customization and luxury.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, deciding whether two shower heads is better than a single one depends on individual needs and preferences. While a double shower head system offers increased water coverage and customizable features, it comes at a higher cost and increased water usage.

On the other hand, a single shower head is cost-effective, easy to install with no plumber needed, and eco-friendly. Ultimately, the choice between the two types of shower heads comes down to personal preference and practicality.

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