Is Your Bidet Water Actually Clean? Yes, Of Course, And Here’s Why

Bidet water is very clean, but since many North Americans and Brits aren’t used to bidets they are bidet sceptics.

Are they sanitary, they ask? Of course!

Bidets are as sanitary, if not more sanitary, than using toilet paper. That’s one of the greatest benefits of using a bidet. However, people may be unwilling to try them out because it would appear that you would be spraying yourself off with gross toilet bowl water. That is also not true.

In this article, I will give you some great reasons to choose a bidet by letting you know about how clean the bidet water actually is. 

Thinking about the different bidet types and which is right for you? Here’s a guide on how to use a bum gun so you can see if it’s your best option. 

Where does bidet water come from?

The water from your bidet is sanitary for use. It does not come directly from your toilet bowl, so it is not being contaminated with the bacteria entering your toilet. 

The water from your bidet is as clean as any other water in your household because it is sourced from a regular water supply, not your toilet bowl. If your bidet seat is installed correctly, the water that feeds into the toilet is split and half is redirected to the bidet sprayer and the other half goes to the back tank on your toilet to refill it for use. This is the exact same water you use to shower with, do laundry, and wash dishes.

If you are still skeptical about the cleanliness of the water, you can take an extra step to ensure it is sanitary. Some bidets are now equipped with a water filter. These water filters were not really implemented out of concern for the cleanliness of the water. They were actually put in use to keep the water free from impurities that could impede the function of the bidet. The water filters get rid of any minerals that may build up in the bidet and affect its performance.

Want a comfortable cleaning experience? Then make sure you are looking into bidets with warm water!

How clean is the sprayer?

So we have confirmed that the source of the water for the bidet is clean, but what if it passes through the sprayer and gets dirty? 

How can we prevent that? Well, the nice thing about the bidet is that if it is installed in the proper position, then it will not get any old fecal matter on it. The bidet sprayer is not going to be right up against you when you use it so there shouldn’t be a lot of opportunity for it to get dirty. Even if it does get dirty, a lot of bidets come equipped with a self cleaning feature you can employ. 

Along with using his feature, you should also be cleaning your bidet by hand pretty frequently. It should be cleaned every time you clean your toilet to maintain its functionality and cleanliness.

If you have mobility issues then a bidet is the perfect way to maintain hygiene. Read this guide for the details. 

How well does the water clean?

This is highly dependent on the type of bidet you have and how you use it. The strength of the water spray and how much of your area it cleans is going to vary between brands and type of bidet.

The ones that clean best are the standard, stand alone bidets that you see all over Italy. But, you mainly use your hands and a washcloth to wash up which some people would rather not do.

Hands free bidets like the toilet seat attachments, bidet toilet combos, and the bidet shower allow you to use a spray of water to clean without needing to touch yourself at all. And many also offer temperature control.

Does hot or cold water clean better? The temperature of the water has no impact on how well it cleans. The temperature is more a matter of comfort as some people would rather not use cold water.

Having temperature control is a must for many people in which case it is highly recommended to use one of the bidets shown below. They also feature a dryer function so you can dry after using it.

Bottom Line

Overall, bidets are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. They are sanitary and use clean water, not dirty toilet water. If you take care of them and clean them regularly, then they will stay in good working condition and you won’t be spraying yourself with old fecal material. Honestly, a bidet is probably cleaner than using toilet paper so don’t knock it until you try it! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Check out our Privacy Policy for more info.

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